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Welcome to the free Trading Signals Gadget. This free gadget can be viewed here or via our mobile app (the index refreshes itself every 30 seconds). Either way you'll receive minute-by-minute updates from the Trading Signals Gadget right on your desktop (more on how to use the Trading Signals Gadget).

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What Does the Trading Signals Gadget Do?

The Trading Signals Gadget came from years of monitoring global financial markets and a desire to find a way to graphically depict financial movements in as simple a means as possible. While many factors go into the movement of financial markets today, the increased correlation between global risky assets has to some extent reduced complexity down to literally a "Risk On" (buy risky assets) / "Risk Off" (avoid or sell risky assets) form of schizophrenia.

Which Market Is the TSG Meant for?

The Trading Signals Gadget was designed for use based on my lifetime of observations of US equities and options markets. My experience has been in watching global markets and using insights gained to trade US equities and options markets. Although my personal expertise lies in equities trading, options trading, and investment portfolio design, I am told the same or similar trading signals would be useful in binary options trading markets as well, although professional binary options signals would be better suited for live trading.


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